Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter Walking
February 6, 2014

So I am making progress at the gym even though I think my personal trainer likes to torture me with things I think are impossible.  Of course I have been able to do a part of each new workout he has given me.  So I guess the word impossible actually means I'M POSSIBLE.  

I love walking outdoors.  I don't know if you do but nothing clears my head, centers me or helps me put things in perspective like a walk.  I didn't appreciate this until last summer when I started walking up near Little Cottonwood canyon.  There is a beautiful neighborhood with hills that I used to walk at each morning.  It's far enough away from the main roads that you can actually hear the wind whistle in the trees, the birds chirping, silence and watch the beautiful Utah sunrises.  Awe the days of summer....They will be here soon.

But right now in my world it's winter.  There is snow, ice, 22 degrees or below at 5:00 am in the morning but I am getting sick of the treadmill at the gym so I decided to brave the cold and ice and walk outside this morning.  I bundled up with two coats, my cell phone and keys.  I told Brett to call me when he was ready to leave for work and I would tell him where I was at so he could pick me up.   Well, I walked 2 miles in 45 minutes.  I was surprised that I felt so good I could have walked longer.  I was able to almost keep the pace I do on the treadmill.  It amazes me that in a little over a year my life has changed so drastically.  So tomorrow I am going to go again and maybe one of these days I can do 3 miles before Brett catches up to me.  .     . 

See you on the Sidewalk....