Monday, September 2, 2013

The Taunting Candy Jar

I learned some powerful tools when I began this journey reading the book "Are you READY?" by Bob Harper. This book changed my life. He helped me to change the way I think about myself and my relationship with food.

In chapter two, pages 30 & 31, Bob writes about forgiving ourselves. He says:
"Once you accept yourself, you need to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for all the diets you've tried and failed; forgive yourself for all the bags of potato chips you've eaten; forgive yourself for all those days you watched television instead of exercising. No matter how much you have to lose or where you want to be or go after this point, you need to give yourself a pass for all the times in your past that didn't work for you. No matter how bad a situation you are in, you have chance to change it for good. So instead of dwelling on the past and putting on that coat of pain, hatred, and betrayal that has been keeping you warm, you can discard it. You have to forgive yourself for letting yourself get this far and give yourself permission to move ahead..... Many of my clients eased their pain with food. They have used food as medicine. When they accept who they are and where they are, and begin to forgive those who have hurt them, including themselves, they then allow self-worth to come back in and take care of them. And when they realize that playing the victim doesn't help anyone--especially themselves--they can finally sleep well at night. Forgiveness is not only the key to weight loss it's the key to living your best life.

These powerful words help me to remember that forgiveness is a process I need to use everyday in my life. When I started my journey I had to quit blaming others for my food choices or exercise habits. I had to forgive myself for what I had done to my health and body. I had to take responsibility for what goes in my mouth and for how much I exercise.

So I have four weeks to meet one of my goals. I want to lose 100 lbs by October 1st. I have currently lost 90.8 lbs. So I have 9.2 lbs to go. I have to take responsibility for what I do. This candy jar sits on top of my desk at my new job and some days I feel like it's taunting me, saying: "Eat my candy, Come on you know you want it. It will make you feel better, just have one. EAT ME NOW!"
I have given the candy too much power. Today I forgive myself and move forward.

Bob gives this last piece of advice in chapter two, page 34: "Accept yourself. Forgive yourself. By accepting and forgiving yourself, you give yourself permission to move on from that old self, those old behaviors, those old crutches that have created obstacles in your path to freedom."

Today I recommit myself to these lifestyle changes. I love myself enough to continue on this journey of success. Are you with me?

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