Thursday, September 26, 2013

Final Weigh-in Before October 1

So tomorrow is my final weigh-in to determine if I have reached my goal of losing 100 lbs by October 1.
I am not sure I have made it but whatever happens, I am still on this journey and I will keep at it.

My other non-scale victories include:

Today the sales lady at a store measured me
 and was able to use a regular 60" tape measure. 

My face is looking different in a good way.

I can walk and not be weary.

I did my first plank push up this month.

I am strong.

I can fit into my red dress.  In fact, it's TOO big.

No matter what happens on the scale, I am succeeding at making a permanent change in my life.
I'll report back tomorrow with my final number of the first stage of my journey.

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