Sunday, January 5, 2014

Starting Again...

I love January because it's the start of a new year.. It's like the calendar says forget about what happened over the holidays and lets try this again.  We set new years resolutions.and start again to fix all the character flaws we see in ourselves.  Some of us set resolutions to eat better, exercise more, lose those 10 lbs we gained eating the holiday treats, de-clutter our houses, pay off our debts and the list could go on and on.  

Last January instead of quitting after two weeks I continued to work on myself all year.  I stumbled, quit for short periods of time and got back up.  I not only changed my physical body but I made big steps into taking back control of my life and I am a different person today.  I am so grateful to all the people who helped me, cheered me on, listened and started their own journeys and shared their experiences with me.  

I think I love hearing other peoples stories the most.  It helps me to know that others go through similar experiences as me. It helps me keep going when I want to give up.  

I am so grateful for my biggest cheerleader...Brett.  He's my amazing husband.  He's always bragging about me wherever we go.  He loves to share my story and how it's changed my life and also his.  This year for Christmas Brett and I gave each other an amazing gift.  We bought a 3 year membership to Gold's gym for both of us.  It's helped me to start again and also Brett on trying to get healthier for the rest of our lives.  
I get to work with a personal trainer twice a month for a year (Thanks Brett) and I will share on my blog what I learn.  

So I give you the challenge I received from my first trainer Justin (my sisters husband).  Set some goals in these four areas: Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Mental (Learning new things).  Make them achievable, with a time frame, write them down and share them with someone so you're accountable.  

This little challenge changed my life in 2013 and will change it again in 2014. So here's to change and the chance to start again....

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